Tuesday, April 17, 2012

baglamukhi bija mantra audio mp3 and video

This video is created under the supervision of shri yogeshwaranand ji an author of Mahavidya Shri baglamukhi Sadhana Aur Siddhi. If you need any guidance regarding Ma Baglamukhi Sadhana you can contact him. He also give Ma Baglamukhi Diksha to the selected people. You may also request him for ma baglamukhi mantra diksha. It will be your good luck if you get a change get diksha from him. You can call him on 9917325788 or email him at shaktisadhna@yahoo.com also visit http://www.shaktisadhna.org Baglamukhi Bija Mantra in audio mp3 and video बगलामुखी बीज मंत्र ऑडियो एवं विडियो

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